Letter from the Publisher

Dear Reader,

Erleen's book, The 7 Secrets of Healthy Happy People, is an honest, authentic, and expert look at how a large part of our happiness is determined by what we put into our bodies.

We are regularly pitched ideas on books that discuss diets, healthy living, and ways to increase the quality of life. Erleen's book is filled with the most practical, specific, and affordable ways to be a healthy happy person. The information is so good we included some of it in our own book Guerrilla Parenting.

Erleen makes a powerful case of Eastern Medicine over Western Medicine, the value of essential oils, and real secrets of the medical profession that still exist today. Our editors and initial readers found this book both fascinating and illuminating.

It's step by step, actionable material that you can implement into your day to day life.

Erleen has a very personal story of extreme health conditions that were conquered by the healthy lifestyle she features in her book. But the stories don't stop there. They go on to include friends with personal experiences of emotional and physical health challenges that are life changing!

This book is a must read for people fighting health issues, those that seek natural solutions, mothers that want to be more educated for their families, and those looking to not only lengthen their years but also improve the quality of those years.

Jill E. Fagan
President of On the Inside Press
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About the Author

Over 30 years ago, while experiencing several health challenges, Erleen Tilton was introduced to a system which brought her renewed, energetic health. From there she began her journey into wellness and has achieved titles as Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Aroma Therapist, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, and Author of over 12 wellness books.

Erleen's greatest passion is to help people transform their lives as they learn the secrets of wellness that are found in nature! Her mission is also to joint venture with many others interested in this passion in lifting lives all over the globe in experiencing a healthy, abundant life!


"Fantastic! I am a nurse and I am so impressed by the way each and every aspect was explained in an understandable way. Plus the information is backed by research. Even with all my health education this book has been transformational in to the way I view nutrition. If you are looking to make changes to improve you wellness and quality of life this is a must read!" Jacqueline
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